Counselling and Psychotherapy for adults online or by telephone on a weekly or fortnightly basis.
Tuesday – Thursday 9am – 8pm
I am offering one hour sessions to those suffering during the Coronavirus pandemic.
Whether due to isolation, depression, anxiety or bereavement, I can offer reduced price depending on your situation.
I have capacity to offer a few free sessions to those who are struggling financially.
During this crisis talking to someone can relieve the continual negative thoughts that go round our heads, gives support to those who are struggling alone or in difficult situations.
I can help you find ways of finding a balance to your emotions through Mindfulness and self-care.
I can help you link up to Zoom if you have an email address and access to a computer or similar device.
You need to be able to find a quiet place where we will not be overheard.
Clients will be asked to complete a business agreement and give your general details prior to starting sessions.
Please see my website or ring for more information and to book 01753 889902