CSP Community was created due to the overwhelming response from residents wishing to both volunteer and from those that needed help via our dedicated Facebook group (Covid 19 Virus – Support you Street volunteers of Chalfont St Peter). Within days the Facebook group grew rapidly into the 100’s, meaning we needed a more constructive platform that allowed people to find help easily, volunteer and help local businesses pass on what they are doing during this unknown time.

CSP Community has been set up by Ryan Toms and Matt Hackett, both are local business owners and have chosen to put community before business at this difficult time. Creating a hub of information connecting residents with local information and to those wider networks available. We need to sustain this fantastic positive community that has been enhanced by this pandemic and make it the foundation to build a stronger community long term.

Who we are

Ryan, has lived in the village since 2010 and is resident on Grove Lane with his wife and 2 children (Grace & Arthur). At the start of the year, he founded Arthur Grace Residential a bespoke real estate agency.

Matt lives in Field Way with his wife (who grew up in the village) and their 3 children.  He owns The Wonky Agency and works with a number of local businesses.